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About Medsco Fabrication

Since 2001, Medsco Fabrication Products has grown to be an industry innovator in precision sheet metal fabrication.
We provide a full service 15,000 sq. ft. facility that includes rapid prototype, pilot and production runs, assembly, welding, spot-welding, CNC machining. The satisfaction of our long-term customers are a strong indication that we provide an high quality standard while maintaining competitive pricing. It would be our pleasure to quote your next project or give you a secondary price on a current project.

Safety Objectives

At Medsco Fabrication, we put Safety first with and objective to have ZERO Lost-Time incidents. This objective reflects our dedication to building a culture of safety. From the CEO to employees, safety awareness is an integral component of the entire operation. At Medsco, team members share a willingness to uphold high safety standards, which helps us provide a safe, healthy, and positive work environment.

Medsco Fabrication Safety Objectives include:
Promoting the safety and well-being of each employee and his/her family.
Eliminating personal injury based on the belief that “injury-free” operating work instructions can and should occur.
Encouraging recommendations for improvements to safety throughout the company.
Establishing individual responsibility for the safety program  at all levels, including the workforce.
Our managers are the leaders of our safety team. They are responsible for accident prevention and reduction of on-the-job injuries. At Medsco,  we make every effort to cultivate a positive safety attitude at every level.

Medsco Safety Program is designed for active participation by the entire team. The company Safety Manager provides technical support and training.

Key Elements of our Safety Program include:
Belief that a safe operations create productive manufacturing.
Company safety and health manual.
Pre-Employment Drug and alcohol testing program.
Safety incentive program (Employee Incentive).
Supervisor, and employee training programs (First Aid, CPR, Specialty Equipment, etc.).
New-employee orientation and training.
Accident and injury reporting system with follow-up corrective action measures.

Business Ethics & Compliance

Policy Statement
At Medsco Fabrication we believe that adherence to this policy will ensure our continued success and confidence with our customers. The following mandates provide a look at the coverage of our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct:
All employees have a duty to report all suspected violations of the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct or other potentially unethical behavior by anyone, including, directors, employees, agents, customers, subcontractors, suppliers, to their supervisors or the Corporate Compliance Officer.
Employees in management positions are personally accountable for their own conduct and the conduct of those reporting to them. Each management employee is expected to inform those reporting to him or her about this Ethics and Compliance Program and to take all necessary steps to ensure compliance.
No employee has the authority to direct, participate in, approve, or tolerate any violation of this Program by anyone.

Any employee who has questions about the application of this Program should consult with his or her supervisor or the Corporate Compliance Officer.

Quality System Control Objective

Medsco prides itself on delivering products and services that meet our customers’ requirements and meet or exceed their quality expectations. Our Total Quality Management systems (TPM) and procedures help us realize our passion of continual improvement.
Our quality procedures include: documented management reviews, customer satisfaction surveys, controlled approved suppliers list, in-process inspections at each stage of production, calibration of all measuring devices, corrective and preventive action programs. The satisfaction of our long-term customers is a strong indication that we provide an extremely high quality rating while maintaining competitive pricing.
Achievement of this policy involves all staff, who are individually responsible for the quality of their work, resulting in a continually improving working environment for all. This policy is provided and explained to each employee by the Chief Executive Officer or Operations Manager. To achieve and maintain the required level of assurance the Operations Manager retains responsibility for the Quality System with routine operation controlled by the Quality Manager.

Quality System Core Activities

Ensure product safety is top priority at Medsco and strengthen our compliance with applicable quality regulations.
Continually improve upon our Quality Management Control by focusing our activities on process control improvements coupled with leadership and guidance from Planning and Design.
Verify the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and the validity of the quality policy through the use of Management Reviews, Process Approach Internal Audits, Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions.
Educate and communicate with all Medsco employees on the importance of the quality policy to ensure that employees understand the importance of their activities and the impacts their actions have on the end results.
Continually improve upon the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, sub-systems, processes and overall company performance by establishing and reviewing quality objectives, performance indicators and targets with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.
Aim to reduce the cost of business by measuring, comprehending and analyzing quality cost performance.